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简介中考英语翻译句子 1. 最后,我们刚刚获悉,德国(队)以2:1战胜了英格兰(队),赢得了足球比赛。Finally, we’ve...


1. 最后,我们刚刚获悉,德国(队)以2:1战胜了英格兰(队),赢得了足球比赛。

Finally, we’ve just heard that Germany has won the football match,2-1 against England.


2. 感觉好像他们不是在和大庭广众说话,而是在亲自跟我说话

It seemed that they were speaking not to lots of listeners but to me in person.

3. 我的爱好没有你们的那么费钱------我收集公共汽车票和火车票

My hobby doesn’t cost as much as yours.------I collect bus tickets and train tickets.

4. 爱好可以促使你成长,培养你的兴趣,并且帮助到你学习新的技能

Hobbies can make you grow as a person, develop your interests and help you learn new skills.

5. David很幸运,因为他的爱好给他带来了快乐和成功

David has been very lucky because his hobby has brought him pleasure and success.

6. 我想她会参加舞蹈社团,因为她舞跳得很好

I think she’d like to join in the Dance Club because she can dance really well.

7. 我的第一位老师是Lane夫人。她很严格,但是人很好

My first teacher was Mrs Lane. She was strict but very nice.

8. 桌子上有书吗

Are there any books on the desk?

9. 我们能帮你避免犯同样的错误

We can help you avoid making the same mistakes.

10. 他的第二本书在去年出版了

His second book came out last year.

11. 我妈妈每天早餐后都收拾厨房

My mother tidies up the kitchen after breakfast every morning.

12. 在我生日那天,爸爸送了我一辆自行车

On my birthday, my father gave me a bike.

13. 我不知道他是谁

I don’t know who he is.

14. 在我8岁的时候,我就会打乒乓球了

At the age of eight, I could play table tennis.

15. Betty说她来自法国

Betty said she came from France.

16. 什么使你对游泳感兴趣

What make you show interest in swimming?

17. 你的第一位英语老师叫什么名字?

What was the name of your first English teacher?

18. 我一直想去度过一个梦寐以求的假期,但是我支付不起

I have always wanted to go on a dream holiday, but I can’t afford it.

19. 听起来不错,但我很少旅行

It sounds great, but I haven’t travelled much.

20. 我希望我能取胜,然后我会邀请你和我一起去

I hope I will win, and then I will invite you to come with me.

21. Robinson一家人喜欢看世界。他们去过很多有趣的地方

The Robinsons love seeing the world. They have been to many interesting places.

22. 到现在为止,他们已经学会说德语,法语,汉语和阿拉伯语

So far, they have learned to speak German, French, Chinese and Arabic.

23. 他们正在倒计时

They are counting down the days.

24. 我相信你会擅长美术

I’m sure you will be good at art.

25. 玲玲以前参加过演讲比赛吗?

Has Lingling ever entered any speaking competitions before?

26. 我从未嘲笑过别人

I’ve never laughed at others.

27. 我爸爸一直想给我买一架钢琴,但是负担不起(现在完成时)

My father has always wanted to buy a piano for me. But he can’t afford it.

28. 我们学校已经派他去德国做演讲了。(现在完成时)

Our school has sent him to Germany to make a speech.

29. 目前,我已经去过三个国家了

So far, I’ve been to three countries.

30. 我想要由衷的感谢你

I want to say thanks to you from the bottom of my heart.

31. 无论何时我们遇到难题,你都耐心地帮助我们。

No matter when we meet difficult problems,__you always help me patiently.

32. 我仍然清楚地记得我们第一次见面时的情形。

I still remember clearly__when we met for the first time.

33. 我会尽力学好每一门功课

I will try my best to learn every subject well.

34. 工作时间将会很短,因此人们将会拥有很长的假期

Working hours will be short so people will have long holidays.

35. 未来,天气的变化不意味着要更换衣服

In the future, a change of weather won’t mean a change of clothes.

36. 沿着这条街走,你会看见一个地铁站.(高频)

Go along the street and you will see and underground station.

37. 你可以在大本钟附近坐船。当你沿着河前进时,伦敦眼就在你的右面。

You can get the boat near Big Ben. As you go along the river, the London Eye is on your right.

38. 我认为它有1000多万(人口)。比中国的许多其他城市的人口都多。

I think it has a population of over ten million. That’s larger than the population of many other cities in China.

39. 伦敦人口大约有750万,所以它比剑桥更大,更繁华。

London has a population of about seven and a half million, so it is bigger and busier than Cambridge.

40. 有些人认为过去的生活比现在的更简单,更健康。

Some people think life in the past was simpler and healthier than today.

41. 我们学校的图书馆未来会是什么样子?(一般将来时)

What will our school library be like in the future?

42. 我空闲的时候喜欢绘画(spare time)

I like printing in my spare time.

43. 与去年相比,今年的冬天寒冷多了。(形容词比较级)

Compared to last year, it’s much colder this winter.

44. 辽宁省位于中国的北部(in the north of )

Liaoning Province is in the north of China.

45. 打扰一下,请问去博物馆的路怎么走?(the way to )

Excuse me. Could you tell me the way to the library?

46. 大明说他不知道玲玲在哪儿。(宾语从句)

Daming said that he didn’t know where Lingling was.

47. 在昨天的会议上,他说的很慢,我们都能听懂。

He spoke so slowly that we could all understand him at the meeting yesterday.

48. 尽管他们爱我,但我对他们有点儿不满意。(高频)

Although they loved me, I felt a bit unhappy with them.

49. 与往年相比,我们收到了更多的照片。

Compared with other years, we received many more photos.

50. 那个穿着女衬衫和裙子的漂亮女孩,正在保护她的书免遭阵雨淋湿。

The beautiful girl who wears a blouse and skirt is protecting her books against the showers.

51. 我通常一周看一次电影。(一般现在时)

I usually see a film once a week.

52. 他自从上周末就病了。(现在完成时)

He has been ill since last weekend.

53. 我努力地想击中球,但他仍然继续工作。(but)

I tried to hit the ball but I missed.

54. 虽然他已经很累了,但他仍然继续工作。(让步时间状语)

Although he was very tired, he still kept on working.

55. 今天早晨五点钟我就醒了。(一般过去时)

I woke up at five this morning.

56. 你必须只用红色的纸来包红包,因为红色意味着好运。

You must only use red paper for hongbao because red means good luck.

57. 在公交车站,禁止挤上公交车。(高频)

At the bus stop, you must not push your way onto the bus.

58. 当我到达机场的时候,希望你能通过我的照片并认出我

I hope I will you will know me form the photo when I arrived at the airport.

59. 试着看看没有你她是否感觉很孤单。我确信她后悔伤害了你。

Try to find out weather she feels lonely without you. I’m sure she regrets hurting you.

60. 每次听到其他同学有说有笑,我感到更加孤独。(高频)

Every time I heard the other students talking and laughing, I felt even more lonely.

61. 上学期我们分开了,去了不同的学校,但是我们保持着练习。(高频)

We got separated when we went to different schools last term, but we stayed in touch.

62. 当我13岁的时候,一个女孩给了我一个重要的礼物。是一个微笑。

When I was thirteen years old, a girl gave me an important gift. It was a smile.

63. 我们为我们的国家感到自豪。(be proud of )

We are proud of our country.

64. 他养成了早上读英语的习惯。(get into the habit of doing sth)

He gets into the habit of reading English in the morning.

65. 我给了他建议,而不是钱。(instead of )

I gave him advice instead of money.

66. 虽然下着雨,但他们仍然在游泳。(让步状语从句)

Although it was raining, they were still swimming.

67. 昨天晚上九点钟我就睡觉了。(一般过去式)

I went to bed at 9 o'clock last night.

68. 你能告诉我这次旅行花了多少钱吗?(宾语从句)

Could you tell me_how much you spent on the trip.

69. 周六早上我打算查看我的电子邮件并写作业

On Saturday morning, I’m going to check my email and do my homework.

70. 我期待着明天的足球比赛

I’m looking forward to the football match tomorrow.

71. 并且在五月二日,我们打算在我朋友家附近的公园里捡垃圾

And on 2nd May we’re going to collect litter in the park near my friend’s house.

72. 网上购物正在改变我们的生活方式

Online shopping is changing our way of life.

73. 我想买些香肠。多少钱?

I’d like some sausages. How much are they?

74. 下周末我妈妈打算带我去听音乐会

Next weekend, my mother is going to take me to a concert.

75. 现在人们比以前更依赖网上购物

People are now depending more online shopping than before.

76. 我打算挑选一件生日礼物送给我的姥姥。下周六是她的生日。(一般将来时)

I’m going to choose a birthday present for my grandma. Next Saturday will be her birthday.

77. 我和朋友们打算在上海度过今年的国庆节(一般将来时)

My friends and I are going to spend National Day in Shanghai this year.

78. 我们正在为感恩节做准备(get ready for )

We are getting ready for Thanksgiving.

79. 不要和你的朋友们并肩骑自行车。(高频)

Don’t ride side by side with your friends.

80. 我已经病了大约三天了!

I have been ill for about three days.

81. 自从去年我买了电脑,我就没怎么锻炼过。(高频)

I haven’t done much exercise since I got my computer last year.

82. 开始这应该是一段相当顺利的行程,因为是一条直路,但是很快就会变得难走起来!

It should be a fairly smooth walk to begin with because it’s a straight path, but it will start to get difficult soon!

83. 突然间,我看到一只小熊在玩树枝和石头。

Suddenly, I saw a baby bear playing with some sticks and stones.

84. 吸烟对健康有害。(be bad for)

Smoking is bad for your health.

85. 我学习英语5年了。(现在完成时)

I have studied English for 5 years.

86. 昨天我到家时,妈妈正在大扫除。(过去进行时)

When I got home yesterday, my mother was doing some cleaning.

87. 安静!Tom 正在睡觉。(现在进行时)

Be quiet! Tom is sleeping.

88. 这有可能是真的吗?(情态动词)

Can/Could this be true?

89. 他的舞曲让他闻名于欧洲。

His dance music made him famous all over Europe.

90. 没有什么比读这本书更让人感到无聊的了。(高频)

Nothing is more boring than reading the book.

91. 有我们的球迷在身边是很好的。他们大声为我们加油。(高频)

It’s good to have our fans around. They cheer us on loudly.

92. 我们计划只看一个小时,但最后我们待了三个小时。

We only planned to watch for an hour, but in the end, we stayed for three hours.

93. 老舍是20世纪最伟大的中国作家之一。(高频)

Laoshe is one of the greatest Chinese writers in the twentieth century.

94. 他们看起来不同,但是他们两个都已经赢得了全世界年轻人的喜爱。

They look different, but both of them have won the hearts of young people all over the world

95. 孙海平注意到了刘翔的跨栏能力,后来他成为刘翔的教练。

Liu Xiang’s ability in hurdling was noticed by Sun Haiping, who later became his coach.

96. 我们忍不住为这支队伍欢呼(can’t help doing)

We can’t help cheering for the team.

97. 小明将代表我们班参加演讲比赛。(stand for)

Xiaoming will stand for our class to take part in the speech competition.

98. 观看《哪吒》是一件多么令人兴奋的事啊!(感叹句)

How excited it is to watch the film Nezha!

99. 听音乐使人感到放松。(if 作形式主语)

It is relaxing to listen to music.

100.今年夏天有大量的雨水。(there be)

There was plenty of rain this summer.


My mother bought a present for me last weekend.


The room was cleaned by me yesterday.


We were tired so we relaxed at home and began our tour of the city yesterday.


There was a road accident, so the traffic was very heavy.


He lives the farthest from school, so he takes the underground


I think natural wonders are more interesting than man-made ones.

107.维多利亚瀑布(Victoria Falls)宽约1700米,高约100米。(高频)

Victoria Falls is about 1700 metres wide and 100 metres high.


It produces electricity for millions of people in China.


The sun rose behind me and shone on the rocks.


If you put the two tallest buildings in the world on top of each other at the bottom of the canyon, they still would not reach the top.


Travel can make people closer to nature.

112.昨天他在去机场的路上遇到了麻烦。(in trouble)

He was in trouble on his way to the airport yesterday.

113.她在40多岁的时候学会开车。(in one’s forties)

She learned to drive in her forties.

114.你不能把车停在这个地方。这是违反规定的。(against the rules)

You can’t park your car here. It’s against the rules.

115.只要你决定接受这份工作,你就应该努力做好它。(as long as)

As long as you decide to take the job, you should make an effort to do it well.


You can’t bring food or drink into the lab.


Why not write down our mistakes in our notebooks?


We provide books and we set texts every week to check your progress.


If you keep trying, you will make progress quickly and find a lot of fun in learning it.


It’s also important to know that English has borrowed many words from other languages.

121.让我们练习造句吧!(practise doing sth)

Let’s practise making up sentences!


The project will last for half a year.


After a term’s study, he finally improved his English.

124.他卖完这些报纸才能回家。(not…until)(sell out 了解即可)

He can’t go home until he sells out these newspapers.


If I have time, I can go to the museum with you.


Don’t forget to close the windows and the doors when you leave your classroom.


Although it’s getting dark, they are still working.

128.我妈妈建议我们早上早一点出发。(start off)

My mother suggested starting off earlier in the morning.


It’s sad to think of pandas and other animals in danger.


Maybe we can raise some money at school .Let’s find out what else we can do to save as many animals as possible.


Lots of scientists are working hard in order to send astronauts to Mars one day.


Scientists think that there has been life on the earth hundreds of millions of years.


Lingling’s uncle said that it was wrong to pull leaves off plants and that we should protect everything here.


The food that Australians like most are ham and beef with lots of salad.


The horse that I rode was very lazy, so I was left far behind the others.

136.请你根据文章选出最佳答案。(according to)

Please choose the best answer according to the passage.

137.每天做作业占用了我大部分的空闲时间。(take up)

Doing my homework every day takes up most of my spare time.

138.为了让我明白这道数学题,老师又解释了一遍。(in order to)

My teacher explained the maths problem again in order to make me understand it.


My mum has never waken me up at six in the morning.

140.Peter对我所做的事感到很惊讶。(be surprised at)

Peter is surprised at what I did.


When I was at school, we waited for weeks to hear from our pen friends abroad.


Printing was invented in China during the Sui and Tang Dynastics.


Computers and the Internet are used in classroom now.


A much larger amount of information can be stored in more varied forms on the Internet than in books.

145.我们出发晚了。结果,我们没赶上飞机。(set off)

We set off late. As a result, we missed the plane.


It’s necessary to share learning experience with other classmates.

147.房间里满是五颜六色的气球。(be full of)

The room is full of colourful balloons.


On a table there were three bowls with some nice food in them.


So he jumped out of the bed and hurried out of the house without her basket.


One day, Alice saw a white rabbit with a watch.


Whtaever she does, she never gives up!

152. 他发明了在医院外面和靠近交战地区使用的特殊医疗器械,这样医生就能够更快地治疗伤员了。

He invented special medical tools to use outside hospitals and close to the fighting areas so that doctors could treat the wounded more quickly.

153. 当我昨天看见他的时候,他正在外面散步。(过去进行时)

When I saw him yesterday,_he was taking a walk outside.

154. 去年这个时候我妈妈正在照看我爷爷。(过去进行时)

My mum was taking care of my grandpa at this time last year.

155. 大连的天气和北京的天气不一样。(be different from)

The weather of Dalian is different from that of Beijing.

156. 他们在去年国庆节结婚了。(一般过去时)

They got married on National Day last year.

157. 我爸爸已经戒烟了。(现在完成时)

My dad has given up smoking.


I’m often deeply moved.


It not only makes me happy, but also improves my skill in listening.


It has brought me pleasure and success.